Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello Piggy Friends!  I hope you all managed to weather Hurricane Sandy!  Turns out, I should have invested more into my Hurricane stockpile (cheese doesn't do too well when you loose power and a working fridge).  Alas...I do not look forward to tossing everything out from my freezer and fridge.  With power not expected to be restored for another couple days, Piggy KL and I have walked up to her place in midtown and now I have hot showers, hot food, and power! 

For now, here's an entry from calmer days...


I've been exploring the West Village a bit more recently and on one of my walks I passed by Fedora. Located on a cute street in the heart of the West Village, I couldn't resist coming in and giving this place a try!

Fedora in the West Village
It's a small restaurant, so I definitely recommend calling to make a reservation before making the walk over for dinner.  There is a long wooden bar on the left and a row of tables on the right.  Space was definitely tight, and my two dining compadres and I had to squeeze into a two person table (which they just turning sideways to make wider).  TIGHT.

Dining area, before the rush
In an attempt to loosen up, I of course perused the cocktail list and went with the Songbird (there's St. Germain in it how can I resist?!). 

Cocktail menu
I love drinks that come in this classic glass
Looking at the menu, it has a pretty limited selection so make sure to take a look before you commit to coming. 

Food menu
To start, dining compadres and I share the Smoked Mussel Toast.  This was a pretty interesting eat - lots of different flavors and textures.  One of my dining compadres isn't a bit mussels fan and she thought this was just the right amount of mussels.  I say this was a great try!

For our entrees, two of us ordered the Wagyu Sirloin Flap Steak and the third ordered the Seared Duck Breast.  The Wagyu Sirloin was flavorful, but a touch over salted.  I was surprised that it came out in pieces (vs a whole steak).  It was also a pretty small portion for $28.  Enough for me, but may not be enough for others (or boys). 

While I didn't taste the Duck Breast, dining compadres both said it was tasty and super tender.  However, it was also a pretty limited portion.  

Wagyu Sirloin Flap Steak

And for dessert, we shared the "Cheesecake" Panna Cotta.  This was actually kind of a disappointment - way too tart and I was too busy trying to eat the crumbled graham crackers to balance out the tartness.  Uninspiring this one. 

"Cheesecake" Panna Cotta
Overall, I enjoyed the cocktails and couldn't find any fault with the food.  However, nothing really stuck out to me as anything exceptional and the seating was super tight.  Plus, at the price of the entrees, some diners may walk away needing a touch more food.  With so many other NYC restaurants on my list, I will probably pass on returning.  

Piggy says No

239 W 4th St (btwn W 10th and Charles St)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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