Monday, October 15, 2012


It always amazes me how a restaurant can really transport you outside of the city.  I stopped by Casimir for dinner in the East Village last week - once you step into this cute French bistro, you really do feel like you're somewhere in Europe!

Entrance to Casimir
Inside of Casimir (my pic is a bit dark, but I love the globe lights!)
The atmosphere was relaxed and filled with soft lighting.  I especially loved the simple decor, circular bistro tables, globe lights, and tiled ceiling.  This was all complemented with a great waitstaff, many of whom came with totally attractive French accents hehe

The menu offers all your standard French bistro fare, which means I've got some hard decisions to make!

Casimir's menu
To start, dining compadre went with the the Escargot Provencal and I couldn't resist the call of the French Onion Soup.

The escargot was served in garlic butter and dining compadre devoured it...all I heard from her end were the mmmm's and ooooh's as she focused her full attention on her appetizer.  Not one to let good butter go to waste, dining compadre loved scooping up the extra sauce with baguette pieces.

While the escargot was super tasty, my onion soup was ridiculously amazing!!!!!!  It was full of flavor with the perfect amount of onions and the cheese on top was perfectly crispy and melted.  Casimir really mastered this soup - they managed to keep it flavorful without over-salting the broth.  I'm already planning to take my mom here as soon as possible!   

Escargot Provencal
French Onion Soup
For our entrees, dining compadre and I went with our usual items - she got the duck and I got seafood. 

Dining compadre's Duck Confit was served with crispy potatoes and a small salad.  The duck deliciously crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside.  The potatoes were also perfectly crispy.

My Bouillabaisse was an extremely large portion of all different kinds of seafood including: mussels, clams, shrimps, and two different types of fish in a tomato broth.  It was served with baoguette pieces to dip into the broth.  Tasty!

Duck Confit
Since we enjoyed our meal so much, dining compadre and I just couldn't pass up trying some dessert.  We got Floating Island and the Creme Brulee.  Floating Island is a whipped meringue served floating on vanilla custard.  Dining compadre was all over this dessert and pretty much ate it all, only slowing down every once in a while to mumble "its so light...its so fluffy...".  I thought it was good, but preferred the Floating Island that I had tried at Le Comptoir last year (blog post here).  Looks like the Creme Brulee would be mine to finish ! 

Our dessert - Floating Island and Creme Brulee
I had a wonderful meal at Casimir.  The atmosphere was charming, the waitstaff great, and the food excellent.  I suggest that you give it a try!  Note that they only accept AMEX or cash only though.

Piggy says Yes!

103 Ave B (btwn 6th and 7th St)  

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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