About katie & katie

Piggy KK (L) and Piggy KL (R)

About Piggy KL:
I love experimenting in my kitchen with tried and true recipes and also some of my own creations. Sometimes there are disasters (I've smoked up more than one kitchen!) but I love sharing successful dishes with friends and family. Finding tasty eats and good cocktails is my next favorite pastime.  From food trucks to fancy restaurants and home cooking, I love it all.  I'm on a life-long quest to find awesome food, and I'm enjoying it one bite at a time!

About Piggy KK:
I'm a girl who loves to eat. Big meals, small meals, snack time, or emotional eating, each event is an equal opportunity - I don't discriminate!  Always looking for new spots to add to my ever-growing "favorites" list, my friends consider me a dining-out junkie (in fact, "Brunching" is listed on my resume and my bosses say it's what got me an interview!). Occasionally I dabble in my kitchen, ruining my countertops along the way, but every meal is an adventure!

Contact Info:
Want to contact us?  Feel free to drop us an email at littlemspiggys@gmail.com!