Monday, May 6, 2013

Qdoba Mexican Grill House Party!

Hello friends!  It's shaping up to be quite a busy month and this weekend was no exception.  Yesterday I hosted a Qdoba Mexican Grill House Party in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and had a blast!

It was my first time as a host for House Party, which connects brands with people nationwide who apply to be hosts for parties.  Brands will sponsor parties, and if you are selected as a host, you promise to invite friends and share the goodies supplied in the Party Pack.  It's a great way for brands to directly connect with consumers in such a saturated market.  Qdoba happened to be the first House Party I applied for, and I was so excited to be selected!  As a newbie host, I was a little anxious about how my first House Party would turn out, but it was a big hit and I'm hoping more parties will roll around that I can host.

I'm always looking for an excuse to have get togethers at my apartment (I think I get this from my parents - they always willingly host parties at their house!) so was happy to celebrate Cinco de Mayo courtesy of Qdoba.  About 2 weeks before the party I got my Party Pack which included some goodies to use at the party and a certificate for a 20-person catering bar to redeem at my local Qdoba.

I suppose living in NYC for a decade has hardened me into expecting a hard time, but the manager of the local Qdoba at 3rd Avenue and 53rd Street was absolutely amazing!  Charisee truly went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed.  I was so worried it would be a hassle but she made it all so easy and was a joy to talk to.

With the food taken care of thanks to Qdoba, I was able to play around with decorations.  Qdoba supplied plastic glasses which I dressed up with some mustaches.  I also made mustache props for my guests, a Fiesta banner, Cinco de Mayo wreath, and got some fun Fiesta necklaces!

Fiesta time!