Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Le Comptoir

I've just had another wonderful meal in Williamsburg and I can't wait to share this little gem with you!

My fellow eater recently returned from a trip to Europe where she enjoyed a meal at a restaurant called Le Comptoir.  When perusing (for those of you unfamiliar with, its a site where you can make reservations at certain restaurants for a nominal fee and receive 30% off your bill), she found a restaurant in Williamsburg with the same name.  Although it's unrelated to the one in Europe, she thought it was a good omen and quickly snatched up a reservation for our dinner date.  Plus, who doesn't love a discount on dinner?

So off we went to Le Comptoir in Williamsburg.  Dont' be discouraged by its location - Le Comptoir is only a short walk from the L-train Bedford station. When you get to the restaurant, you are greeted with this sign out front:

$1 oysters?  Great food?  Sexy chef?  I love it all!  Without setting a foot inside, I already have a good feeling about this place! 

When you go in, you are greeted by a gorgeous French hostess.  The restaurant has a great bar area in the front and seating for dinner in the back.  There is also a large seating area with a great candelabra and couches in the very front.  I didn't know where to focus my attention on more - the gorgeous hostess or the cool candelabra!  The ambiance of the restaurant was very relaxed and the music was a great fit for the atmosphere.  

Front bar area

View of the open kitchen from my table

After being seated, first order of business is the wine and cocktail menu.  We decided to kick off the nite with the L'anamour and a Bonny and Clyde. 

Can't wait!
Cocktail menu

First round of cocktails
Both drinks were excellent, but the L'anamour was phenomenal!  Probably one of the best and now is definitely my favorite cocktail.  It wasn't overpowering strong in taste (you know how some drinks just reek of vodka?  not this one!), nor was it syrupy sweet.  The pear flavor was subtle yet refreshing.  It was perfectly balanced cocktail that I can not wait to have again!

With our thirst quenched, we moved onto the food menu.  It's not a large menu, but it is comprehensive enough to offer something for everyone.

Dinner Menu

With some help from the waiter and waitress (both of whom were French with French accents!), we put together a fabulous dinner.  For our starters, we went with six oysters, the Mushroom Veloute (soup), and Steak Tartare.
Steak Tartare
Mushroom Veloute

While I didn't try the oysters or the Steak Tartare, my fellow eater enjoyed both.  Oysters were fresh, and the steak tartare was seasoned well and extremely tasty.  My Mushroom Veloute was served with crispy parmesan croutons and pulled chicken pieces.  Awsome mushroom flavor and delicious!  All three were quickly devoured. 

Do you think I loved my Mushroom Veloute?  I may have started wiping the bowl with my finger to get every last drop.  Embarrassing?  Nah...totally worth it for this soup.

Next up were the Braised Short Ribs & Parmesan Risotto and the Pan Seared Scallops.

Pan Seared Scallops

Braised Short Ribs & Parmesan Risotto

The scallops were super tasty and seared to perfection.  The butternut squash puree under the scallops was phenomenal!  For the short rib dish, the ribs were tender and flavorful and the risotto was a great accompaniment.  I loved how the risotto wasn't overly thick and heavy like how risotto tends to come.  Both dishes were well-balanced and satisfying!

Of course, we had to end the meal with a dessert.  Going with the waiter's recommendation, we went with the Floating Island.
Dessert: Floating Island

Not only was this dessert unique (I've never had this before!) but it was delicious and tastes like cotton candy!  Floating Island is an egg white meringue (marshmallow like consistency) served floating in a vanilla custard and caramel sauce and topped with candied almond slices.  Unbelieveable! You all must try it!

Overall I had an excellent meal at Le Comptoir.  I loved the service - they were attentive at all the right times and provided thoughtful responses and suggestions.  I loved the food - everything was tasty, reasonably priced, and unique.  I loved the cocktails - all well balanced and always hit the spot.  If Le Comptoir isn't already on your list, definitely add it to the top!

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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