Monday, December 19, 2011

Tea @ Harney & Sons

All this holiday shopping is wearing me down!  After a long afternoon of perusing the shops in SoHo, I was desperately in search of a nice cup of tea and possibly some baked goodies to go with my drink.  Lucky for me, Harney & Sons was right around the corner!

Harney & Sons is a tea shop in SoHo that offers an incredible assortment of loose teas.  I am talking shelves up to the ceiling filled with teas!  They even have one of those rolly library ladders so that they can get to the teas up top.  Take a look:

Harney & Sons shop with the wall of teas on the right!

When I walked into the shop, however, I was dying for my tea so I headed straight to the "Tea Lounge" cafe in the back.  The cafe is a small space with only a handful of tables, but it's cozy and simple (yet still stylish) design was perfect for enjoying tea!   

"Tea Lounge" cafe in the back
Second wall of teas - for the cafe this time

They offer all the teas available in the shop along with a selection of scones, snacks and desserts.  The menu with all the teas is a little overwhelming - over four pages of teas! 

A whole book for just the tea menu !!
Snacks, scones, and ice cream to go with your tea
After perusing the menu, my ladyfriend and I selected the Cinnamon Spice Tea, Peach and Ginger Tea, Chedder Chive Scones, and the Ham and Gruyere Scones.  My favorite was when the waiter kindly asked, "Are you ladies aware that each order comes with two scones?"  Yes we know, and yes we'll be eating it all.  What can I say...we have healthy appetites.

Our tea came served in the cutest pots, accompanied buy a large teacup shaped mug on a silver tray.  The teas were perfectly brewed and no stray tea leaves were poured into my cup!  The scones, surprisingly, were AMAZING.  They were warm and freshly baked - slightly crusty on the outside and flakey soft on the inside.  The Ham and Gruyere Scones were served with dijon mustard (which was so tasty!!).  The Cheddar and Chive Scones came with a honey mustard compound butter - sounds like an odd combo but wow it was unbelievable!  The scones were so flavorful on their own, but when paired with the butter I couldn't put it down.

An additional touch that my belly enjoyed?  When you get the check, it comes with chocolate truffles! 

Chocolates come with the bill!

As you all can see, I really enjoyed my tea experience at Harney & Sons. I enjoyed my tea so much that I couldn't resist taking home a couple souveniers with me! 

My souveniers
I already can't wait to go back for more tea and scones.  Next time, perhaps I'll give the intriguing Tea Float a try (ice cream and tea...two of my favorites!).

If you are in the SoHo area and are looking for a great cafe, definitely give Harney & Sons a try! (And if you check-in on Foursquare, you'll get a 5% discount.) 

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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