Friday, December 16, 2011

The Dutch

There is a lot of buzz going on now about The Dutch, and after going on a Friday night, I'm definitely a fan too!

The Dutch exterior (Source:
I had a late dinner reservation at 10:15. Even still, I had to wait for a table. One opened up in the front room at 10:40, but I opted to wait for one in the back room which is generally a bit quieter and more spacious. It wasn't much longer and we were sitting by 10:50 in a cozy booth.

For starters, we had the Eggplant Dip (which I will forever remember as Eggplant in crack form). SO Yummy! We nearly inhaled it in record time. By the way, I'm not an eggplant fan, and still loved this. More please??
Eggplant Dip (Source:

We also got the Tuna and Barrio Tripe. The Tuna was refreshing and very fresh. The Tripe was absolutely addicting - a punch of flavor and smokey too.

Barrio Tripe - Tripe cooked down with beer, served with avocado, lime, and a sprinkle of Fritos. (Source:

We shared the Pork for an entree. From the second it arrived at the table, it was love at first sight - perfect crust and glistening juice oozing with every cut. It did not disappoint in taste either. It was perfectly cooked. Imagine a gusher with every bite, again and again. Hungry yet? I am just thinking about it.

A side of fries and some dessert rounded out the meal. I wish I could tell you about them but at this point of the night (3 cocktails and a bottle of wine later), my comprehension was fluttering away, far far away.

The ambiance and energy were great. It's a dimly lit space and was still packed at 11.  Overall it was a fantastic meal and I'm looking forward to returning. 

Piggy says yes!

Happy eating, happy reading- Piggy KL

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