Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Palm

On the Tuesday before Thanksigiving, the bf asked me to prepare a "Friendsgiving" dinner for a bunch of his buddies, kicking off the holiday eating spree.  I prepared a fabulous home-cooked feast (including the honey glazed ham that I posted about here) and to thank me, the bf took me to dinner at The Palm!

The Palm is a low key steakhouse - laid-back feel with lots of wooden booths and caricatures on the wall.  No stuffiness here!  You could easily mistake it for an Italian restaurant but they offer a traditional NY steakhouse dinner with all the fixings (and a full bar of course)!

Loved the caricatures on the wall!  (Apologies on the terrible picture - no flash)

This year is the Palm's 85th anniversary and to celebrate they were offering a special anniversary special:
The Palm's 85th anniversary special menu

$85 for two starters, two sides, a steak, and two lobster tails????  Such a good could I pass it up!  To start, we selected the Lobster Bisque and a Chopped Tomato and Onion Salad.

Chopped Tomato and Onion Salad

Lobster Bisque

The Chopped Tomato and Onion Salad was just that...chopped tomatoes and onions topped with blue cheese.  While refreshing and light, I could only have so much before I had enough.  If you are not a fan of raw onions (a lot of raw onions...), I'd suggest you try something different.  The Lobster Bisque was phenomenal - rich and creamy with tasty chunks of lobster! 

With our appetites whetted, we were ready for our main course.  Bring on the steak and lobsters!

Our steak and lobster tails!  (Again, no flash here sorry!)

Flash or not, the lobster tail was satisfying!
The steak was tasty and tender, the lobster tails meaty and enjoyable.  I dug in greedily and enjoyed every tasty bite.  But my meal was not complete without my side dishes!

Side dishes: creamed spinach and the Half & Half
Is a steak dinner ever complete without some creamed spinach?  And for our second side dish, I needed a potato item of some sort.  Our waiter recommended the Half & Half - freshly fried onions and potato chips!  Loved the onions and fresh chips, but next time I'll probably stick to mashed potatoes (loooooove mashed potatoes...I felt like I was cheating on it!).

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at The Palm.  The waiters were friendly and responsive, the atmosphere easy breezy, and the meal satisfying.  I say give it a go! 

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks or reading - Piggy KK

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