Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Over the summer after a delicious dinner at Gwynnett St. in Williamsburg, my friends and I stumbled on a bar just up the block called ba'sik.  It's a cozy place with a great neighborhood feel to it.  Apparently there is also a sizable outdoor patio in the back, but unfortunately I didn't know to scope it out at the time.  More reason to return ( spring *sob*)!

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We grabbed some seats at the bar, and I'm glad we did because the bartenders were really nice and friendly.  They have a small cocktail menu but they are all creative.  Of the ones we tried (Picket Fence, and how, Poppa's Pride, o.v.c.), they were all delicious!  Oh darn, I just realized that was 4/5 of the menu, now I'm just bugged that we missed one.

Most importantly at $10 a cocktail, it's a steal compared to NYC prices!

Not only do they have cocktails, but they have a food menu too.  We were pleasantly full after dinner, but in order to do some due diligence for you (or at least that's what I tell myself), we ordered a little snack to help the cocktails go down.

The plates are a good size for bar snacking, and you could definitely make a meal of it by ordering a few.  The food wasn't too heavy and went well with the drinks.  We went with the bruschetta, but sorry to say this was another time I forgot to snap a picture until after it was done.

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If you're in the neighborhood, it is definitely work stopping by ba'sik!  The cocktails are good, the bartenders are friendly, and it's got the Brooklyn discount (at $10 a pop).

Piggy says yes!

323 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Between Metropolitan Avenue
and Devoe Street)

Piggy KL

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