Friday, October 5, 2012

Asian Pear Picking

It's Fall!  And that means apple picking!  Well, for my mom and me, that really means Asian pear picking!  Have you been?
Look Ma, I'm on a ladder!
If you've never had an Asian pear before, they're round in shape (looks like a huge apple) and is brownish/yellow in color with speckled skin.  When you bite into it, its crispy, white, and very very juicy on the inside!

There are two places in NJ where I go with my mom: Evergreen Farms and Lee Orchard Garden (both approx. 1hr 15min drive from NYC).

Lee Orchard Farm
This is a small family owned farm in Cranbury, NJ.  When you drive up, it looks like you're driving to someone's house (and yes, the family does live there) but after you park and head on back to the orchard, you'll see that its a lot bigger than you think!

Grab a bucket and take the short walk to the pear orchard.  Its a beautiful sight!  With the pears round and full of juice, they're definitely heavy so the trees are supported by these metal railings.  As you walk through each row of pear trees, it feels like your walking under a lush green canopy.  Just gorgeous!

Orchard - picture doesn't give it any justice!  (pic from here)
 There are a few ladders around so if you can snag one, the best pears are at the top!


Make sure to not get too pear happy - you still need to carry the bucket back to the front and it gets heavy!  At $1.80 per pound, you'll probably end up spending approx $2 per pear on average.

My spoils of war
Look at these gorgeous fresh pears - you're coming home with ME!
 And feel free to peruse the other veggies - I also picked up spaghetti squash!

I also picked up farm-fresh spaghetti squash!

Evergreen Farm 
Evergreen is a very large Korean owned farm. If you've been to the Asian markets in the area such as Hmart, you're sure to see boxes of Asian Pears from Evergreen Farms.  Well this is your opportuntiy to go directly to the source!  When you arrive at Evergreen, you'll notice a large warehouse.  Head on in to take a look at all the produce that is being packaged to be shipping out before your eyes - and you are also free to purchase (and taste test!) as well.

Back packaging area at Evergreen Farm (pic from
If you are interested in picking your own, you need to purchase a ticket for picking ($2.50).  This gets you on the tractor hayride that takes you over to the orchard area. 

Tractor ride to the orchard (pic from
This orchard is pretty crowded and gets a bit hectic.  Depending on when you go, you may have to wait a bit before you can get on the tractor to head to or back from the orchards.  Also, the price for the pick-your-own pears (vs already boxed in the warehouse) are $2.50 per pound here.  Other than that, the pear picking experience is pretty much the same!

If you ask me, my personal preference is the Lee Orchard Garden.  Its a smaller farm, but the quality of the pears are excellent (plus its a much more relaxed experience - no need to fight the huge crowd at Evergreen).  If you get a chance, make sure to take a trip out to enjoy some Asian pear picking.  Happy Fall!

Piggy says Yes!

Lee Orchard Garden
12 Nostrand Road
Cranbury, NJ08512

Evergreen Farm (closed Saturdays)
1023 Yardville Allentown Rd
Hamilton Township, NJ 08620
(609) 259-0029

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Thank you! The information provided is fantastic!

  2. Just saw a show on tv that highlighted Asian pears in NJ but they didn't mention the name of the orchard or farm. Turns out, it was Evergreen. Just by your specific details alone I could tell. Although I'm less than ten min away from Lee Orchard I'm might stop by their per your recommendation! Thanks a lot!

  3. When is the Asian pears picking start ?