Friday, October 12, 2012


Looking for some cheap eats?  In a bid to keep costs down for a dinner out, my friend suggested Nyonya, a Malaysian restaurant just north of Chinatown (around Little Italy) she had been going to for years.  I'm so glad she introduced me to this place!

For appetizers, my friend and I shared an order of Homemade Roti Canai.  The pancake is flakey and crispy and the curry dipping sauce has some nice heat.  Love! Seriously, you won't regret getting this dish.

Nyonya is known for their Hainanese Chicken with Rice, a steal at $5.75! The chicken is served room temperature (not hot) in their chef's soy sauce.  It's served alongside a serving of rice flavored with chicken - ohmygosh I could eat bowls of this.  Oh wait, I did!  I definitely licked my rice bowl clean.  The chicken is delicious with the soy sauce, but it also comes with a side dish of some spicier sauce.

Hainanese Chicken with Rice at Nyonya

You can opt for white meat only for an extra $0.25.  Yes please! I'll throw down a quarter for that.

I even got an order of Hainanese Chicken with Rice to go; one thing I noticed with the takeout order was there seemed to be more rice and less chicken, compared to my dine-in serving.  I didn't mind, because you know I love that rice, but just a head's up.

You can easily walk out spending under $10 for dinner there (or get take out!) - money saved for those cocktails this weekend! I love a good deal.

Piggy says yes!

199 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
(between Mulberry St & Mott St)
(212) 334-3669
Mon-Thu, Sun... 11 am - 11:30 pm
Fri-Sat...11 am - 12 am

(In addition to 2 locations in Brooklyn) Bensonhurst
2322 86th St
(between 23rd Ave & Bay 34th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11214

... in Borough Park5323 8th Ave
(between 53rd St & 54th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Piggy KL

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