Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brunch: Le Tarte Flambe

A friend and I stopped by Le Tarte Flambe for a quick brunch before darting up to the Bronx Zoo (for those of you who don't know, I LOVE the zoo!).  This cute spot on the UES offers your standard and non-standard brunch fare!

Cafe Flambee
When you walk in, you'll notice that its a small and narrow restaurant.  The brick wall and fun posters definitely warm up the space!

Funny posters on their walls!
During brunch, you get their regular menu, which features different varieties of their specialty the tarte flambee (bread dough rolled thin and covered with cheese and onions), as well as a brunch menu, which offers the more standard brunch items such as eggs, sandwiches, etc. 

Regular menu
Brunch menu

To start, dining compadre and I ordered the Pain au Chocolat.  While I liked that this was served warm, this was a disappointing choice as it tasted like a supermarket croissant that was just popped into the microwave for a couple seconds. 

Pain au Chocolat - not recommended
For brunch, we ordered the Biquette tarte flambee and the Leek Eggs Benedict.  The Biquette tart flambee was their Traditionnelle one (creme fraiche with white onions and lardons style bacon) topped with goat cheese and a touch of flower honey.  This was huge and came served on a wooden board.  Although the toppings were rich, the thin crust kept this dish nice and light.  It was nice to try something different for brunch!

As for my Leek Eggs Benedict, the hollandaise sauce came served on the side which I liked!  However, the sauce wasn't as flavorful as I hoped and overall the dish was a bit of a disappointment.  Maybe I should have stuck to the traditional ham version...

Biquette tarte flambee
Leek eggs benedict
While I enjoyed the relaxed space and trying the tarte flambee for brunch, the croissant and eggs benedict were a disappointment.  Dining compadre and I were chatting with the table next to us and they were regulars at Le Tarte Flambe, so maybe I just ordered the wrong things?  Maybe I'll get around to trying this place again, but as for now...

Piggy says eh...

Le Tarte Flambee 
1750 2nd Ave (btwn 91st and 92nd St)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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