Friday, November 2, 2012

How is everyone post-Sandy?


Piggy KL is prepping food to bring down to the Bowery Mission right now and she's one of my hero's today for it!  For those of you who can, please join her in Hurricane recovery efforts (more info here for the Bowery Mission, here for Citymeals on Whels, and here for other ways to help).

Piggy KL's PBJ sandwiches for the Bower Mission (pic from Mr. Piggy KL!)


Hello Piggy friends!  Its now day 4/5 of power outage and loss of cell phone reception in my hood.  That cheese I bought as my storm "prep"?  Now in the garbage, along with the rest of the contents in my fridge and freezer sadness.  And that popcorn?  Still sitting in its wrapper as I have no power for my microwave lol.  But it's really not as bad as it could be - for once I'm grateful to have a 2nd floor apt as there is only one flight of stairs to climb (which I do normally, just not in complete darkness) and I have running (cold) water!  Very important especially when nature calls...

My trusty flashlight - no batteries needed!  You just twist the bottom piece for power. 
This has been key in all of this weeks evening activities thats for sure. 
I got a call from Con Ed today saying that power will be restored by tomorrow so I'm keeping my piggy fingers crossed!  In the meantime, I've been staying parked in my office in Midtown and keeping all my electronic goodies and gadgets powered up.  For piggy snacks, its been mostly take-out eaten in front of the tv in my office kitchen but hey, I'm not picky and I love the chance to explore more of the Midtown area! 

As I await my power to return, here's a snap of Piggy KL and me cheers-ing to surviving Sandy at our first meal after the storm (excuse the hot mess - we just walked 40+ blocks carrying all my essentials for the next couple days...). 

Let me know how you are all faring!  I hope you are all safe and keeping warm.  Until next week...

Piggy KK

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