Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mermaid Inn

Last week, in the middle of my glorious gluttony, this little piggy (and two fellow piggys-in-training) had a ridiculous dinner at The Mermaid Inn.  By ridiculous, I mean it was DE-LI-CIOUSSSSS.

I hav been to the East Village location a couple times and enjoyed it, but wanted to switch it around this time so I gave the UWS location a go!  Upon entering, you are greeted with a relaxing and cozy atmosphere with one wall of ceiling to floor windows.

One of the best things about Mermaid Inn is their "Happy Hour and a Half" specials from 5:30pm-7pm!  They offer East Coast oysters for $1 each and West Coast oysters for $1.75 each.  Also, there is a selection of appetizers and drink specials of course! 

While I'm not a big oyster fan, my two piggys-in-training were dying to give them a go!  And since I didn't want to suffer from food envy, I put in for an order of the calamari!

The calamari came out hot and crispy, and the oysters were suuuper fresh.  Cocktail sauce tasted like it was made in-house!

While noshing on our Happy Hour and a Half goodies, we perused the menu for our entrees:

Even with our goodies already on the table, the three little piggys couldn't decide on an appetizer, so we went with a half portion of the Maine Lobster Risotto and the Crispy Shrimp Special of the day.

Both blew our piggy socks off!  The flavor of the risotto was incredible and the generous chunks of lobster were so sweet and fresh.  And the shrimp!  Fried with shell and head still on and the shell was crispy to the point where you eat it with the shrimp!  Came with a salt dipper and lemon which complemented them perfectly. 

And for our main courses, all three of us couldn't resist and we went with the Lobster Sandwich - ONE EACH!

While I prefer hot lobster rolls, this Lobster Sandwich could not be ignored!  The whole chunks of lobster were perfectly dressed (not overly mayonnaised) and served on a toasted buttery bun.  Definitely enough lobster chunks from a whole lobster!  Served on the side were crispy Old Bay fries.  That's right - Old Bay fries!!  I ate all of them off my plate...then moved on to the plates of the piggys-in-training with me.

And at the end of each meal, each diner is presented with a complementary chocolate pudding and fortune telling fish!

And with that, we completed another epic meal.  One of the piggys-in-training enjoyed it so much, she's made a reservation to go back this week!  And I'm sure I'll be following suit myself as well...we all need a little Mermaid Inn!

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Yum! This looks amazing and I've been wanting to try it! I have to stop in here!

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