Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brunch: Almond

Happy Thursday!  With the weekend fast approaching (yay for 4-day work weeks!), I wanted to share with you a brunch spot I recently checked out.  Almond had been on my "to try" list for a while now so when a friend suggested it for brunch, I just couldn't say no!

When you first walk in, you'll notice that its a big and fairly bright open space - I likey!  No crowded tables in cramped spaces where you need to move the table in order to get in and out.  This is much appreciated as I am a bag lady and always seem to have everything I own with me. 

In addition to allowing reservations for brunch, Almond seated us before everyone in our party arrived!  Hurrah!  It just makes the morning so much nicer if you can enjoy a coffee while waiting for the stragglers. : )

As you are seated, an AWSOME basket of biscuits are set on the table.  These babies were dangerously delicious - all warm, flakey, and bite-sized for easy popping into your mouth.  Served with butter and jams mmmm.  I love bread basket with brunch! 

When looking at the menu, you'll notice a good mix of traditional brunch dishes such as Eggs Benedict along with some originals such as the House Made Pastrami & Eggs!

I went with the House Made Chicken Sausage & Eggs. Sausage was tasty, eggs perfect, bread nicely toasted, and the potatoes were CRISPY!
House Made Chicken Sausage & Eggs (pic from yelp)

The rest of my group ordered:

Almond Hash w/duck confit, roasted onions, potatoes, duck cracklins, and poached egg
Classic Eggs Benedict
Omelette of chorizo, Manchego cheese, piquillo pepper, and red onion
Each dish was generously portioned and everyone enjoyed their dishes.  After we tasted each other's dishes, the Almond Hash was proclaimed the favorite!

Almond's spacious set-up, early seating possibility, and tasty dishes (oh the biscuits! the potatoes! the hash!) made for an excellent brunch experience.  If you are in the Flatiron area, definitely consider stopping by Almond.

Piggys says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggys KK


  1. Dick cracklins hehehe I'm so immature.

  2. lol thanks for the catch rose! hehehe

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