Monday, February 27, 2012

Class: Flowers and Cake Design

Last October, Piggy KL and I took our first cake decorating course together at the NY Cake Academy.  There we learned the basics of cake decorating including how to use decorating bags, how to ice a cake with a smooth finish, and how to make basic buttercream flowers.  We had so much fun that we signed up for the second course: Flowers and Cake Design!

My final cake from the Flowers and Cake Design course!
Similar to the first cake decorating course, Flowers and Cake Design is taught over three classes and structured by Wilton.  And so, for the last three Saturdays, Piggy KL and I hauled all our supplies to the NY Cake Academy to further hone our cake decorating abilities.  In this second course, we learned:

1.  How to make various flowers using different materials including gum paste, fondant, and royal icing.  Did you know that you can make gum paste and royal icing flowers in advance and after they harden, they can be stored in an air-tight container for up to a year!  Just bring them out when you need to decorate and they're still edible!  Oh the wonders of sugar...

2.  How to make the Wilton rose (Finally! I've been waiting for this!).  I definitely prefer these over the roses we learned to make in the first course

Watching the instructor...
Then Piggy KL and I made our first Wilton roses! 
3.  How to create a basket weave pattern on our cakes.

Practice on the practice board first
Giving the basket weave a go on our cakes
Completed basket weave - not too shabby for our first attempt!
4.  And finally, how to do a reverse shell boarder and arrange the flowers we made onto our cake!

Cake pre-arrangement...
Piggy KL's finished cake! (My cake is the first pic at the top)
And with that, we've completed our second cake decorating course from the NY Cake Academy and earned another certificate!  I already can't wait to take the next course!  Now to talk Piggy KL into it too...

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. my mom is getting me a stand mixer for my birthday! I smell a KK/Danielle baking and icing class in the future!

  2. I AM SUPER JEALOUS. I want one desperately but its just so big. KL talks me down every couple days lol...

    And yes to baking day!

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