Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cha-An Tea House - Part II (Tea and Desserts)

Happy Valentine's Day to my fellow Piggys!  

In my last post yesterday, I took you through my meal experience at Cha-An Tea House which had me walking away disappointed.  However, what really did blow me away at Cha-An was their tea and desserts!  If you are still thinking of last minute V-day plans, I think this is the perfect answer for you!

Cha-An has a pretty extensive tea list that goes beyond your standard black tea and green tea.  In fact, they offer five kinds of black tea, eleven types of green tea, three types of Oolong tea, two types of Pu-erh tea, two white teas, six herbal teas, and two special latte teas!  You can take a look at their full tea menu here

During peak times, there is a one order per person rule  However, this does not mean one tea order per person.  They are perfectly ok with you sharing orders of tea and dessert and Cha-An is VERY good about refilling your tea pot with hot water so that you maximize your pot.

My two favorite teas to order at Cha-An are the Flower Craft Tea (green tea) and the Yinzhen Silver Needle (white tea).  Both teas are light yet refreshing to sip.  The Flower Craft Tea is interesting in that it comes as a dried closed up flower.  As the hot water is added to the teapot, the flower slowly "blossoms" and you know the tea is ready when the bud has completely opened!

Fully blossomed Flower Craft Tea!
I also love all the different specialty teapots that the different teas come in.  Its always a surprise to see which pot comes with with tea!  Take a look at all the different teapots I've had:

All the different teapots from the different teas I've tried!
Now on to the dessert.  The quality of the desserts here is unbelievable.  Not only is everything artfully plated, but the ingredients taste fresh and unique.  I can't remember what I've order specifically each time, but its always tasted amazing.

I believe the first picture was a shortcake of some sort, followed by an Earl Grey flan, and the last picture was a delicious creation including crispy caramel, fresh strawberries, tea infused ice cream, and flaky pastry squares layered with cream.

I love the creativity and uniqueness of all the desserts.  Each is served with some sort of twist or infusion of some kind.  You are also never rushed as you enjoy your dessert or slowly sip your tea.  The staff always refills your teapot with a smile and they never throw your check onto the table in hopes that you pay and leave quickly.  You really are able to sit and take your time to enjoy!

While Cha-An is cash only, I can not ignore how wonderful it is and am already planning my next visit.  Definitley give it a try!

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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