Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Smith (Midtown)

Welcome The Smith to MIDTOWN!
I was doing another happy dance when I found out The Smith was opening a location in Midtown!  Yay for more yummy eats coming to my area!  They finally opened their doors a few weeks ago and it's already always packed.

Lots of seating straight ahead...

And also seating on the left!
It's actually significantly more expansive than the location on 3rd Avenue. There are also definitely a few more strollers and little kids visiting the Midtown location.  One similarity - the tables are still close together.

Complimentary Sparkling (green) or Flat (clear) water for the table
So far, I've been there twice (in a week!) - once for Saturday lunch and another time for late night eats (aka dinner).  Let's talk about lunch first:

Egg White Omelette with greens
I got the Egg White Omelette with spinach and goat cheese.  It comes with home fries, but trying to redeem myself for the 3,000+ calorie meal I had the night before I substituted it for a salad. It was a slightly healthier option, but nonetheless very tasty!

Hubby got the Croaker, which is smoked ham, gruyere cheese, rye bread and sunny up eggs.  It's a hearty dish which he gets every time!

Now onto dinner...

The two of us shared the Chicken Pot Pie and Mac & Cheese.

Chicken Pot Pie (thumbs down!)
We LOVE pot pie, but gosh what a big letdown here.  The crust was barely there, it wasn't flaky and was very thin with no crunch whatsoever.  The filling just didn't do it for me either.

Mac & Cheese! Oh so yummy...
Mac & Cheese is my weakness.  It was so good, so cheesy, and served in a cast iron pan.  It was a bit crusty on top, and we made sure not to leave one single noodle or glob of cheese in the pan!  Want to see how gooey it is?? I thought you might, so I snapped this pic:

The Smith in Midtown is already a sure hit and can pack in a lot of people. I'll definitely be back, again and again.  Come visit too!!

Piggy says yes!

Happy reading, happy eating - Piggy KL

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