Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A couple years back I decided to try and keep only “wholesome” foods in my kitchen.  That sad day I sobbed while throwing out all the ice cream from my freezer.  But let’s be honest…this ice cream lover would never make such a crazed decision without some kind of loophole!  And here it is: if I feel like having ice cream, I better really want it enough to get off my bum, go out, and purchase a scoop (and notice I said scoop – no pint sigh).  Not a problem for me as I have several ice cream shops surrounding my apartment mhuahaha! 
On this particular night, I couldn’t pinpoint which flavor ice cream I was craving.  So I headed to Amorino where you can get as many flavors as you can fit onto your cone (doesn’t matter the size of your cone, as long as it fits)!  Not only does this gelato shop allow you to choose as many flavors as you want, but they also shape your creation into a unique flower design.   
My gelato shaped into a flower!

Here's a pic of my gelato w/o the dog in the background lol

Amorino storefront

While this shop offers a variety of gelatos, hot drinks, and chocolates, the gelato is the big attraction here.  As with most gelato places, the flavors are listed in Italian but you can pretty much piece it together.  And if you can’t, there is a menu with pictures (it’s ok I get it, some of us are just more visual people). 

Menu of flavors with pictures
I guess you can tell which are the popular flavors...

So many to choose from!  You’d think that coming on a cool fall night would have been a strategic move but there was still a line (in the picture above of the storefront you can see the line coming out the door!) and it looked like a lot of their flavors were selling out quick.  No matter – charging on ahead.  Between the bf and I, we got 9 different flavors.  Here are my thoughts:
1.      Mango - wonderful, honest flavor.  Loved this one.  Tasted like I was biting into a mango! 
2.      Cherry Vanilla - a touch sweet.  Good, but I prefer Chinatown Ice cream Factory for my favorite   cherry vanilla
3.      Salted Caramel – this was really good here.  Small bits of caramel are treasures to be found.  Some may find it a touch salty but I loved it!
4.      Crema - custard flavored.  Had a touch of milk...was simple and clean tasting
5.      Pistachio - solid flavor to get- can't go wrong with this one here!  (But, in my opinion, the best pistachio gelato is at Eataly)
6.      Amorino - good ol’ dependable chocolate – not too sweet or intense
7.      Hazelnut – it’s okay I’ve had better (try Sundaes and Cones or L’arte del gelato)
8.      Cioccolato al latte di soia bio - WOW! This is a dark chocolate flavor, very rich and unbelievable.  Definitely coming back for this bad boy
9.      Walnut - interesting flavor of the month.  Light taste.  Not sure what to make of it...

Just look at the chocolate!  mmmm
With all the flavors you’re bound to choose, ask for a spoon with your cone.  This will come in handy for saving those melty drips that inevitably come down the side and will help you enjoy each flavor individually (otherwise they may just blend all together – such a shame!). 

Amorino may be a bit on the pricey side (cones starting at $5.25) but the gelato is a rich and creamy treat.  If you are in the Greenwich Village or Union Square area definitely stop by!

Piggy says yes!

Thanks for reading – Piggy KK

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  1. omg, this looks so amazing! i am def trying this and DEF calling you up to join me if I'm in your hood for it