Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fette Sau - Another Piggy's Musings

There is something about BBQ that makes me go to far lengths for it.  Even Brooklyn! Just kidding, Brooklyn is really not far at all hehe.  Piggy KK just posted a review on Fette Sau and I thought I would offer a different experience on it.  Unfortunately it was a big 'Piggy says no!' meal for Piggy KK and her qualms are totally warranted!  Heck if someone actually asked me for a tip I would really wish to not leave one at all.  So rude!

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While we almost always agree on all things food-related, I am sharing a differing opinion just so that you do not completely write-off Fette Sau because I actually had a fantastic time there over the summer!  I actually felt really bad Piggy KK had a bad experience there, because I was one of the people raving to her about it.  I hate when that happens :(

Piggy KK does a great job describing the specifics of how ordering works and the layout of the place, so I'll just give you a quick blurb about my visit.

It was a warm Saturday evening in the summer and the hubby and I were meeting another couple there.  Lucky for us, our dear friends actually got there a bit earlier and snagged a spot on line(*hugs!*).  So I must shamefully admit, I did not suffer through a long wait, though it definitely was slow-moving as Piggy KK mentioned!  It seems like people that go there often know to go earlier, because waiting stinks and they do run out of food.

There was a separate line to get drinks, but it was much shorter and  some of us got drinks while others held our spot on the food line so it worked out well. They had an awesome bourbon and draft beer selection, perfect pairings for BBQ!

After a round of drinks, we were finally placing our ginormous order at the counter while doing the happy dance!  We pretty much got an assortment of everything and once done ordering, the guy at the counter commented "This will be good for 8 people"... except that there were 4 of us! Oops...

Are you ready for this?  We had brisket, spicy sausage (delish!), ribs, chicken, cheeks, pulled pork, pork belly...!  Along with German potato salad, broccoli salad, coleslaw, and baked beans.  Phew, that was a mouth-full.  I think going with a group (at least 4) adds to the experience because you can get a variety of meats and sides.

We enjoyed almost everything (the chicken was just ok) and left very happy and very, very stuffed.  It was a great time - yummy food (and lots of it!) with wonderful company!

Piggy-licious meal at Fette Sau! (Summer 2011)

Happy reading, happy eating - Piggy KL

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