Monday, August 20, 2012

Morris Grilled Cheese

Piggy KL and I were wandering Midtown East for something to graze on and look at what we stumbled upon: the Morris Grilled Cheese food truck! 

Spotted: the Morris Grilled Cheese food truck!
We both had never seen this truck before so we thought why not?  Lets give it a try!  As we perused the menu, we very quickly started to experience commitment issues with what to order.

A truck that features grilled cheese.  Is this heaven?

After we managed to control the drooling and made a decision, we placed our orders and snuck at peak at the two-person team running the truck.  You can see all the sandwich makers in the truck - how do they keep track of what sandwich is in which machine?!  I'll leave the heavy thinking to the professionals and just wait patiently on the side for my order.  

Taking a peak inside the truck - the grilled cheese specialist was moving so fast he blurred right through my pic!

While waiting for my food to be made, I noticed that they had this sticker on the side of their truck.  I'm not sure what its for, but I like it!  If it's not fast food then its healthy and I can eat as much as I want right??  ;-)

Their Snail of Approval sticker!

Ahhh...finally the moment Piggy KL and I have been waiting for!  They've called our names and we giddily make our way back to the front of the truck to pick up our goodies.

Just look at the beauties below!  Piggy KL ordered the Classic (NY State Cheddar and Landaff cheese) and added bacon to it.  The sandwich was perfectly golden and crispy on top and melty goodness on the inside.  Just a sprinkle of sea salt right on top for a little extra pizazz.

The Classic (cheddar and Landaff) with bacon. 

I ordered the Bauru (pastrami, mozarrella, tomatoes, onion, and pickles).  This came on a perfectly square all-crispy-edged Foccacia bread and was delicious.  All the fillings went well together (pickle was perfect!) and I quickly gobbled it up.  Got a bit messy as some of the juice / grease started seeping through the paper and onto my dress. But that really just meant that I needed to eat quicker. 

The Bauru (pastrami, mozzarella, tomatoes, onion, and pickles)
Morris Grilled Cheese truck, you brought me back to my school-girl days and gave it an adult twist.  I'll be checking your twitter feed (@morristruck) daily now for location updates - hope to see you in Midtown East again!

Piggy says Yes!

Morris Grilled Cheese 
Location: check their twitter daily for location updates

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Hi Little Ms. Piggy...I noticed you questions about the Snail of Approval sticker - not fast food, indeed!

  2. Hi Anthony! Thanks for the link - definitely going to be looking for those stickers now!