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I stopped by Hospoda for a bite the other day and was completely surprised by my experience there!  When I read that Hospoda was a Czech restaurant featuring great beers, I totally expected a pub-type setting and bar food (maybe with a slight Czech twist?).  What I was greeted with was an edgy and beautifully designed restaurant offering a variety of dishes that I just couldn't wait to try!

Outside of Hospoda - I would never have guessed its a restaurant inside!
From the outside, you wouldn't even think that this was a restaurant.  Looks a bit like a university building right?  I totally walked right past and had to do a double take before realizing this was, indeed, the place I was looking for. 

When I walked in, however, I was taken aback by the awsome imagery on the walls and spacious set up of the space! 

Inside of Hospoda - my blurry pic doesn't give the walls any justice!  You must go see for yourself!!
Super fun bar area - the bottom is glass paneled so you can see the kegs! 

Nothing makes me as excited for dinner as a fun and chic-ly decorated restaurant except, of course, a fantastic menu.  Or amuse bouche (which was totally unexpected) that appears at your table the minute you sit down - how did you know I was starving Hospoda?!  Dining compadre and I were set up with 3 amuse bouches and they were all great palate openers.  This really set the bar for our meal!

Amuse bouche #1 - beer foam!
Amuse bouche #2 and #3 - fresh olive tepanade and watermelon cucumber foam (the empty cup lol)
As you're noshing your way through the snacks, you'll take note of the sign hanging on the wall featuring their Pilsner tasting and house made sodas.  I've been a bit of a ginger fiend lately so I couldn't resist the call of fresh Ginger Beer, but next time I'm definitley giving the Pilsner tasting a try!

Hopsoda serves fresh farm-to-table dishes so that means their menu changes based upon whats fresh and available.  The menu is split into three sections with the first and second sections offering primarily appetizer type dishes.  For our meal, dining compadre and I shared a bunch of dishes to make sure that we got a sample from each section!

Homemade pasta w/asparagus, asiago cheese, cured egg yolk - this dish was a total win!  Great balance in flavor andlots of different textures from all the ingredients. 
Fried egg bread w/Prague style ham, pickles, mustard, horseradish, and apple relish - per our waiter, this is a traditional Czech dish so how could I pass this up?  This was a simple dish yet it warmed my heart (maybe its the comfort food feel to this dish?) and filled my belly hehe.
Butter poached lobster w/organic egg, bacon chips, tomato truffle oil foam, and squash - this came with only half a lobster tail but was at a reasonable price point. Serving was perfect to share between two people and all the flavors were excellent, especially the tomato truffle oil foam!  Definitely an interesting try
Steamed halibut w/vidalia onion puree, spring radish, and other goodies - I loved that this fish was steamed!  Super flaky and tender and went great with the puree.  Light yet flavorful. 

I loved trying all the dishes and was excited by how each dish had something unique about it.  Hospoda definitely took me by surprise with their fantastic atmosphere, excellent service, and inventive spin to each dish.  If you are thinking of giving this place a go, give me a call because I want to come!

Piggy says Yes!

321 East 73rd St (btwn 2nd and 1st ave)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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