Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hurricane Club

I had heard that The Hurricane Club serves fun cocktails.  So, of course, this became an immediate must on my "to try" list.  I actually didn't know much about the Hurricane Club before my dinner there, so I just assumed the cocktails would be original cocktails similar to those you find at PDT and Death & Co.  What I didn't expect was what I ended up experiencing at Hurricane Club and you know what?  I loved it!

When you walk in, you'll see just how big the space is!  It's beautifully decorated and you can't help but feel like you've just stepped into a restaurant in Miami.

The drink menu is fun and foldy.  Most of the drinks are Carribean/vacation inspired and they even come served in fun tiki cups and bowls with umbrellas!  And the size of these drinks...these are some serious(ly fun) drinks.  The cocktails did not disappoint!

Drink menu - I didn't know what to choose!
Who doesn't love a big drink that comes with an umbrella and fresh orchid?
This bad boy pretty much screamed "where's my hammock?"
The food menu is very much Asian inspired.  As the food comes out whenever it is ready and everything is a la carte, family style is encouraged here. 

To start, dining buddy and I shared the Steamed Lobster Dumplings.  These came served in a bamboo steamer with (only) five to go around.  I thought these were meh...not bad but not anything amazing.  I'd say for you to try something different. 

For our mains, we ordered the Walnut Tiger Shrimp, Bora Bora Chicken Lettuce Cups, and a side of Hawaiian Fried Rice in Hot Stone Bowl.  The Walnut Tiger Shrimp was a HUGE serving (in fact we couldn't finish and took some home for dinner the next day)!  I loved the flavor of the shrimp and enjoyed hunting for the extra crispy pieces and walnuts.  Bora Bora Chicken Lettuce Cups were fun to put together with the lettuce, toppings, and sauces but thought it was okay - good but not great.

The surprise show stealer of the night - the Hawaiian Fried Rice in Hot Stone Bowl!!  This was AMAZING!  Comes like the Korean bibimbap and they mix it all up for you at the table.  This was so so so sooooooo tasty and a pretty large serving for side item.  And after you let the bottom edges crisp up, its EXTRA awsome.  This is a must try!!

Walnut Tiger Shrimp
Bora Bora Chicken Lettuce Cups
Showstopper of the night: Hawaiian Fried Rice in Hot Stone Bowl
Overall,  I had a great time at Hurricane Club.  I loved the high-end PF Changs (much better than PF Changs) meets swanky Miami feel and the super fun cocktails.  Sometimes, you just need to get a little cheesy and enjoy a fantastic Caribbean cocktail or two to take the edge off of your day in NYC. You know what I mean?

The Hurrican Club is a beautifully decorated space and would be perfect for a girls night out or special event dinner.  Consider Hurricane Club for your next fun dinner - I know I'll be looking for an excuse to come back.  And if I can't find some reason to come back for, then I'll be stopping by for cocktails and a side of that Hawaiian Fried Rice in Hot Stone Bowl at the bar.  Keep an eye out for me there!

Piggy says Yes!

The Hurricane Club
360 Park Ave South (26th St and Park Ave)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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