Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brunch: Cornelia Street Cafe

Some Sundays, I just don't want to deal with crazy lines or crowded/loud spaces.  No more panicking about having no reservations and no extra pressure to wake up at 10am just to be first in line.  Sometimes, I just want a nice relaxing brunch.  Do you feel like that too?

If so, then I think you'll really enjoy Cornelia Street Cafe!

Located on a quiet street (Cornelia St if you haven't guessed) in the West Village, this cafe is perfect for a casual brunch on a lazy Sat/Sun morning.  There's great outdoor seating and the inside is inviting, bright, and relaxing.  Even bigger plus - no crazy wait or reservations needed!  Walked right in around 12:30pm on a Sunday with no problem.  Score!!

Bar seating area right when you walk in
Dining room to the side
As you peruse the menu, you'll see that they have all the usual brunch suspects.  And of course, they offer a fantastic prix fixe that I just couldn't resist - for $20 you get a choice of entree, baked goodie, brunch cocktail/juice, and coffee/tea. 

Solid brunch menu with all the staples - plus a great prix fixe!

First up, our baked goodies!  Dining compadre selected the Warm Chocolate Bread and I went with the Croissant.  Both were delicious!  I saw someone ordered the Baguette at the table next to us and it was definitely a generous portion - the butter called out to me and I'll probably be getting the Baguette on my next go here hehe...

Warm Chocolate Bread

For our brunch entrees, both dining compadre and I ordered the Eggs Benedict.  And no brunch is complete without a side of bacon!  Everything was prepared as expected and just what I needed on this particular lazy Sunday.
Two orders of Eggs Benny please!
mmmm bacon...
All in all, Cornelia Street Cafe offers a basic but solid brunch.  No fancy frills or anything here, but I have no complaints and love the brightness and feel of the dining room.  Plus, there's no crazy wait or rowdy crowds to battle!  If you are looking to amble around the West Village in the afternoon and/or shop in SoHo afterwards this is a great pit stop for you!  Enjoy!

Piggy says Yes!

Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St (btwn Bleecker and W. 4th St)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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