Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cask Bar + Kitchen

Lately, I've been drawn to Cask Bar + Kitchen for Happy Hour, for dinner, for snacktime, for everything.

Located on 33rd Street and 3rd Ave, it's great for after work Happy Hours (well, for those who work
in Midtown East).  There's a bar area in the front with lots of seating, but during happy hour (4-8pm Mon-Fri) space may get a little tight.  For dinner (or drinks that roll into dinner) there's a decently sized dining area in the back.  There's lots of wood everywhere and the whole place is softly lit - great to take a load off after work or relax with a nice dinner!

Great wooden bar area in the front
Dining room in the back (pic from yelp)
There's a great selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.  My personal favorites would be the white sangria and the St Murray cocktail (both of which happen to be on the happy hour menu!).  The St Murray is especially excellent - at my last dinner here I converted the whole table and we all ended up with St Murray's by the end of the night!

Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita and the White Sangria
St Murray cocktails for the table!
As for the food, Cask Bar + Kitchen offers a great menu filled with lots of options at reasonable prices.  You can get small plates / appetizers (which are actually generously portioned and can serve as entrees!) to burgers, salads, or full on entrees.  The food isn't blow your mind best you've ever had, but everything is definitely tasty and does the job satisfying any cravings!

As you wait for your food, each table is served a nice fresh loaf of bread with great olive oil to dip: 

Who doesn't love bread with their meal!?
And here are some nibbles my dining buddies and I have ordered:

Truffle Mac n' Cheese and Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls - both excellent!
Flat Iron Steak Flatbread (I thought this was meh...pass on this one)
Wild Mushroom Flatbread - this was much better than the steak one.  Great for munching if you're there primarily for drinks!
Sweet Potato Gnocchi - can we say WOW!  I don't like sweet potato, but I couldn't help sneaking bites of my buddy's dish!
Mussels made with brown ale, blue cheese, and bacon - the blue cheese def made this simple dish unique!
Roasted Pear and Green Apple Salad
French Onion Soup (needed a bit more salt...)
Skirt Steak - I subbed the potatoes for french fries and it was my best move.  Fries are excellent here!
Artichoke Risotto - this was SUPER delicious and if you can believe it, it's a $6 side!  It came the same size as the mac n' cheese.
Crab Cake (meh...)
If you can't tell, I've been to Cask Bar + Kitchen for my fair share of meals, snacks, and drinks. 
I love that you can take advantage of their Happy Hour drink specials even if you are sitting down for dinner.  The waiters are also great at stopping by and asking if you would like another drink at the end of happy hour (gotta get that last one in!). 

All in all, Cask Bar + Kitchen's great location, relaxing atmosphere, and great menu keep me coming back.  Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Piggy says Yes!

Cask Bar + Kitchen 
167 E 33rd St (btwn Lex and 3rd Ave)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. I was there!!! I can attest that the mac-n-cheese and risotto were amazing, and affordable

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