Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brunch: Untitled (at the Whitney Museum)

Did you know that you can brunch at the Whitney Museum?  And it's a Danny Meyer farm-to-table restaurant to boot!  A fellow brunch junkie and I were looking for a new spot to try and decided to scope out the situation on a recent Sunday morning.

Brunching at the Whitney Museum!
Located in the bottom level of the Whitney Museum, just let the ticket takers know that you're headed to the restaurant Untitled below and you are allowed to pass.  Head on down and you'll realize that this is no dark basement restaurant!  On one side is a great breakfast bar.  On the other side is an entire wall of glass and you can look up to Madison Ave.  It's definitely a great space filled with light and extremely tall ceilings.  I loved the feel in there!

Breakfast bar
Entire wall of glass made the space feel bright an spacious
Looking at the menu, I was surprised at all the variety!  Who knew you could eat so well at a museum...

Extensive brunch menu (well, for a museum at least!)
First to arrive at our table?  Pots of butter, jam, and syrup!  Excited excited exciteddddd

Tasty brunch must be coming!!
Brunch buddy ordered the Banana & Hazelnut Stuffed French Toast.  She loved that there were actual chopped hazelnuts atop the dish, but overall she said that the dish tasted too "healthy".  Disappointing.  I went with the Poached Eggs with Cheese Grits & Chard.  It was a very generous serving, and when the yolk is mixed into the grits is actually pretty tasty!  But given that its suppose to be cheese grits, I felt it could have been a bit more cheesier (I'll agree with brunch buddy's too "healthy" comment here as well lol). 

Banana & Hazelnut Stuffed French Toast
Poached Eggs w/ Cheese Grits & Chard
Overall, the quality of the food and ingredients used here is undeniable.  However, I guess I'd have to say I was underwhelmed with the way the food tasted.  What I did like was how there were a lot of options on the menu and I really enjoyed the setting of Untitled with all the large windows (and the Whitney Museum upstairs!).  I'm on the fence with this one, but you should go and let me know what you think!

Piggy says eh...

Untitled @ The Whitney Museum
945 Madison Ave (at 75th Street)
(212) 570-3670

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Everything looks too yummy and delicious!!

    1. It was! I loved the change in scenery and brunching at a Museum! :)

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