Friday, July 13, 2012


I just can't seem to get enough of Bianca lately.  This great little Italian restaurant is perfect for any occasion - girls night, date night, dinner with out of town guests, everything!  With it's reasonably priced menu and great wine list I already can't wait to go back.

As you approach the restaurant, usually you'll see a small crowd mulling around outside.  Sadly Bianca does not take reservations so if you arrive during prime eating time there will probably be a wait.  But definitely put your name down because it's worth the wait!  And if its hot or rainy outside the restaurant will usually direct you to the bar next door and they will come get you when your table is ready.  Talk about entertainment while you wait!

As you step inside to your table, you'll notice that it's not a large restaurant.  The space is a touch tight but the brick walls and soft lighting create a warm and cozy feel.

Inside of Bianca - cozy and cute!
They have a simple menu with no entree priced over $15.  While simple, Bianca does offer a good variety with something for everyone.  In the menu shots below, you'll notice that the restaurant is Cash Only.  Sad I know, so don't forget to bring cash with you to your meal!

For appetizers, we got the Spiedino di Mare (grilled shrimp and calamari on skewers), Radicchio alla Griglia in Coperta (grilled raddichio with prosciutto and pecorino cheese), and the Fegatini con Aceto Balsamico (chicken liver deglazed with aged balsamic vinegar).  The grilled shrimp and calamari were tasty and perfect for a light appetizer.  The raddichio was perfectly complemented with the prosciutto and pecorino.

The stunner of the appetizers, however, was the chicken liver dish!  Not only was it a large serving, but the liver was seared on the outside and soft on the inside.  The balsamic sauce was the perfect balance for this dish.  Also, on a different setting, we ordered the mussels for our appetizer and this was excellent as well! 

Grilled shrimp and calamari on skewers
Chicken liver with aged balsamic vinegar sauce
Raddichio with prosciutto and pecorino cheese
For our entrees, we ordered the Pollo al Balsamico (chicken poached in balsamic vinegar), the lamb chop special of the night, Brodetto di Pesce (fish and shellfish stew), and the clam and broccoli rabe pasta special of the night with broccoli.  All entrees were served with more than generous portions.  The plating was simple and clean, and each dish was flavorful and quickly consumed by the table.  Yum!    

All our entrees!
And for dessert, how could we not get the tiramisu!?  Sadly, this was a bit underwhelming.  I guess not everything can be a winner here.  Either way, this was quickly devoured by everyone. 

All in all, we all enjoyed our meal at Bianca.  Even though its cash only (booooo), its cozy atmosphere, reasonably priced dishes, and simple yet hearty meals will keep me coming back!

Piggy says Yes!

5 Bleeker St (btwn Bowery and Elizabeth)
(212) 260-4666

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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