Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dragonfly Cakes' Petits Fours

For my birthday last month, I was surprised when a little box arrived in the mail for me.  It wasn't anything I would expect like clothes, a bag, household trinkets... basically anything non-perishable!  It was a box of adorable petits fours from Dragonfly Cakes!  I was a little wary upon opening it, wondering how in the world it stayed fresh (they're based in California).  Even if it was edible, I figured it probably suffered a bit in transit.  It did come packaged with refrigerant to keep it cool in transit.

They are so pretty though that I was intrigued and couldn't resist biting into one as soon as I opened the box (and even before I remembered to snap a picture!).

From L to R: Chocolate, Vanilla-Orange, Apricot Petits Fours (12 for $36.95)

Boy was I wrong! They tasted soo good! My pretty little box came with three different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla-Orange, and Apricot.  I bit into a green one (apricot) - the shell was made of chocolate and the inside was three little layers of cake.  It was moist, and not too sweet.  It was the perfect bite-size piece of cake.  All three flavors were delicious, but my favorite was probably the Vanilla-Orange (with the Apricot a very close second!).

The awesome person behind this gift found it featured on Gilt Taste, Gilt's newly launched daily specials dedicated to all things food!  They feature everything from pantry staples (olive oils, vinegars, spices, etc.), meats, wine, snacks, cheese, desserts, to kitchen tools. 

Dragonfly Cakes' Petits Fours are still on Gilt Taste, but unfortunately they're sold out now.  They make great gifts and if you happen to spot it on Gilt again, don't hesitate to add a box to your shopping cart!  It also looks like you can order directly from Dragonfly Cakes' website.  In the meantime, luckily there are lots of other little desserts on Gilt Taste to drool over.  Check it out!

Piggy says yes!

Piggy KL

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