Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brunch: Vin et Fleurs

What a gorgeous weekend we just had!  It just put me in the mood for a nice long brunch followed by some [window] shopping.  I'm pretty sure everyone else had the same plan in mind, so I decided to avoid the crowd at the mainstream brunch places and headed for the path less traveled.

This past Sunday, my eating compadre and I settled on brunch at Vin et Fleurs.  Located in the Soho / South Village area, this little French bistro and wine bar was calling us with their immediate seating availability and bright open space.  I especially loved that the whole front of the restaurant was open to the sidewalk and enjoyed the fresh flowers on each table.

Inside of Vin et Fleurs
They offer a simple, but very well priced brunch menu.  Their regular menu is also available during brunch.  Take a peek:

Brunch Menu
Regular menu, also available during brunch
Nothing crazy on the brunch menu but it had what I needed for a relaxed lazy brunch.  Both my eating compadre and I went with a coffee (iced for me, regular for her) and the Eggs (egg white for me, regular for her).  The Eggs came scrambled with bacon and served with crispy potatoes and a small salad.  While not mind blowing nor a large portion, it was the right amount of food for me (no overeating here!).

Eggs dish (egg white version)
Eggs dish (regular version)
Our meal was also accompanied by fresh baguettes and butter.  Served in an adorable pail, the bread was fresh out of the oven hot and crusty.

Brunch was simple and I enjoyed the charming space.  The coffee was great (came with steamed milk for the hot coffee and refills as needed!) and the bread hot and crusty.  The price was also a plus - we each paid $14.25 which included our coffee, meal, tax and tip!  While I liked my experience, the limited menu, petite portion size, and far location (past West Broadway!) is something to keep in mind...

Piggy says eh...

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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