Friday, March 30, 2012

Il Brigante

I used to put South Street Seaport into the same category as Times Square - avoid at all costs.  However, I recently stumbled upon Front Street, a small side street just off the South Street Seaport, and found that it is home to a bunch of great local restaurants and cafes. 

This particular night I was hungry for some pasta!  After browsing the Italian restaurants on the street, I ventured into Il Brigante for dinner.

Il Brigante's storefront - so cute I love it!
When you walk into this little gem, you are greeted with a cozy atmosphere filled with soft lighting, exposed brick walls, and a traditional open brick oven in the back.  This little trattoria evokes a relaxed old world type feel. 

Inside of Il Brigante - just asks you to come in and take a load off!
After perusing the menu, our group went with:

Pasta special of the night: Orrechiette with sausage and mushrooms in a pink sauce.  This was my favorite dish of the night!  Flavor was unbelievable with fresh mushrooms and perfectly seasoned sausages.  I wolfed it all down.  No sharing this dish!!

Linguine alla Scoglio with shrimp, calamari, mussels and clams in a light sauce with olive oil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes.  Tasty with delicate flavor - you could really taste the fresh garlic and parsley.  Delicious and packed with lots of seafood! 

The bf, however, loves a red sauce with his pasta so he asked for marinara sauce.  Manager came by and suggested that the delicate flavor of the seafood be preserved withOUT the red sauce, but if he really wanted it of course they would provide.  And to my mortification, the bf asked for it.  Sigh...well, you gotta give credit to management for good service! 

A classic Penne al Pomodoro.  This was a simple dish.  Not my fav - I'd stick with the other pastas. 

And a Margherita pizza. I love brick-oven pizzas so of course this was tasty!  Crust was thin and crispy and the cheese perfectly melty. 

Of course, we could not end the meal without a dessert.  I'm not really a big tiramisu fan, but something
 about a homemade tiramisu from Il Brigante was calling my name.  BOY did we make the right decision!!!!!  WOW this blew my flats off it was so good.  It was light and airy smooth.  You can taste the coco and hint of coffee - nothing overpowered the other flavor.  It was all perfectly balanced, creamy yet light fluffy goodness.  This is the true crown jewel of this place!

And as you close your meal, you are served a plate of homemade almond biscotti cookies.

If you are looking for an easy low-key meal with great homemade pastas and pizzas, Il Brigante is the perfect spot for you.  And when you go, make sure to get the tiramisu!!!

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK

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