Thursday, March 15, 2012


Walking around Nolita one day, I stumbled upon a really pretty and trendy restaurant called Tartinery.  I had never heard of it at the time, but the food looked yummy as I was gawking at people's dishes sitting by the window (yes, I have no shame!).  When I got home and checked out their website, I was definitely curious.  Open-faced sandwiches, bread flown in from France daily... yes please!

A few weekends later, I made my way back for Sunday brunch/lunch.  There are two floors, the upper one being a cute little area with a long bar and small tables by the window.  It feels like you're sitting in a little Parisian bistro.  We noticed that other parties around us were European - two groups speaking French and another group of Italians.  For a minute, I could almost imagine that I wasn't in NY.  In one word, I would describe it as "Frenchie", in the best way possible!

The menu has an interesting assortment of appetizers such as Duck rillettes, Burrata, or ravioli with truffle oil.  They also offer a big variety of Tartines (open-faced sandwiches) so you can definitely find something to your liking. 

We started with French Onion soup, which was served with a side of fresh sliced bread.  Delicious and gooey!

Next up, the Tartines! You have a choice of three breads: Country Peasant or Health Multigrain from Eli's Bread, and lastly the Rustic Sourdough for Poilane Bakery (from France!) for $1 more.  Each tartine comes with a side salad.

We wound up going with the Saint Marcellin and the Foie Gras tartines, both on the bread from Poilane Bakery.  The servings were more than enough, as the sandwiches fill an entire plate.  The Saint Marcellin was great at first, especially while the cheese was still warm, but a few slices in and the saltiness of the prosciutto and cheese was too much.  Thumbs up on the Foie Gras tartine though. It's rich and delectable.

Saint Marcellin tartine (with Saint Marcellin cheese, prosciutto, arugula, olive oil)
Foie Gras tartine ( Homemade duck foie gras, sea salt, fig jam)
The food was good and the atmosphere of Tartinery was perfect for a weekend brunch.  My favorite part of the restaurant though? Their bathroom! No kidding.  There is a glass jar with chalk in the bathroom so you can write on the walls.  Hubby JL tagged us, guess he'll never grow up :).  When he got back to our table, I almost didn't believe that he wrote on the bathroom wall so I had to go check it out for myself, iPhone in hand of course!

Piggy spots writing on the wall... JL+KL

Piggy says yes!

Piggy KL

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  1. The restaurant food looks pretty tempting and since I’m someone who loves bread I’m very tempted to try out the French sourced bread. Seems like a must-try!