Monday, May 7, 2012

Del Frisco's Grille

One of my favorite steakhouses is definitely Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House.  When they opened a more casual spot right in Rockefeller Plaza called Del Frisco's Grille I couldn't wait to give it a try! 

Located right in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza (overlooks the ice skating rink), this restaurant is a welcome choice amongst a see of tourist traps in the area.  Dining campadre and I walked in without a reservation on a Saturday night around 8pm and had no problem snagging a table.  Score!

We were immediately greeted by extremely friendly waiters and presented with our menu.  You can get anything from salads and sandwiches to a classic Del Frisco's steak dinner.  While I wouldn't categorize the Grille as 'cheap eats', its definitely more affordable than Del Frisco's (the steakhouse) and is on par with other restaurants in the area (minus the touristy factor thank goodness). 

Menu at Del Frisco's Grille
If you plan on getting cocktails here, they were served strong and in generous glasses.  You'll definitely get your money's worth should you order a drink!

For our meals, dining campadre and I were looking for something simple so we both went with salads:  Seared Asian Tuna salad for dining campadre and the Steakhouse salad for me.

Seared Asian Tuna salad
Steakhouse salad
The Seared Asian Tuna salad was hugeee and refreshing.  I especially loved the sweet and tangy dressing (which thankfully wasn't over-drenching the salad).  The Steakhouse was also tasty and came with these amazing deviled eggs!! 

And lets be honest, I could never be satisfied with JUST salad so of course we had to go with an order of the Truffled Mac & Cheese!  This was one of the best Truffled mac & cheeses I've had!  You can actually taste the truffle (no sheisty-ness here!) and the crumb topping added the perfect amount of crunchiness.  Love! 

Side of Truffled Mac & Cheese
After our meal, we went with coffee and tea and take a look at the tea selection that they offer:

Harney & Son's tea selection!
A box full of Harney & Son's tea!  I had posted in Dec (link here) about how much I loved visiting Harney & Son's shop in SoHo and here Del Frisco's Grille has brought the selection to me!  Totally made my night!

If you happen to be in Midtown / Rockefeller Center area and are scratching your head on where to eat, make sure to put Del Frisco's Grille on your list!  It won't disappoint!

Piggy says Yes!

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


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