Thursday, October 20, 2011


Earlier this year, Sprinkles opened its first outpost in NYC.  I was a big fan of the tv show Girls Next Door and Bridget Marquardt, one of the stars of the show, often talked about how Sprinkles cupcakes were her favorite.  When this LA-based cupcakery finally set up shop on the Upper East Side I was excited to finally have a taste!

Its location across the street from Bloomingdale's is definitely convenient (and deadly).  The outside of the store is decorated with colorful cascading sprinkles.  The inside, while not spacious, is bright and clean with strategically placed display cases filled with their different cupcake options - your eyes just can't help but be drawn towards it!  My friend R and I ordered three (yes that's right...I said three!) cupcakes to share: one red velvet, one vanilla, and one salted caramel.

Cupcakes on display!

Our vanilla, red velvet, and salted caramel cupcakes

While I enjoyed the variety of creative flavors available, I was disappointed in the overall cupcake.  The frosting on all three cupcakes were a touch too sweet for me (not like Magnolia sweet, but definitely sweeter than Buttercup – but this discussion is for another post another day) and that took away from the flavor.  The cake part of the cupcake, however, was done very well.  The cake was light, fluffy, and moist!  Too bad it’s the frosting that usually makes or break a cupcake.  And those sugar circles on top of the cupcake?  Hard and flavorless…definitely not as tasty as it looks.  

While I probably won’t make my way to the store solely for the cupcakes, its strategic location across from Bloomingdale’s means I’ll be keeping it on my radar for those sugar-lulls between shopping sessions.  

Piggy says eh…

Thanks for reading  - Piggy KK.

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