Monday, January 14, 2013

Le Parisien

Last summer, as I headed to Cask Bar + Kitchen, I passed by the cutest restaurant front:

Le Parisien just exuded such a feeling that, for a moment, I got that "I'm not in NYC but in Europe" feeling.  As I walked passed and peeked into the window, I saw such a warm and cozy space that I immediately took this picture so that I could add it to my "to-try" list.  Fast forward a couple months, and I've finally managed to have a meal at Le Parisien! 

I'm embarrassed to admit that on the day of dinner, I was 30 minutes late to meeting my friend (for those of you who know me, I institute a strict 15-min rule).  However, the hostess at Le Parisien still sat my dining compadre before I arrived.  I love that - most restaurants in NYC won't even take your name unless everyone in your group has arrived!

The inside of Le Parisien is charming and filled with various knickknacks and pictures.  There is a small bar area with wine bottles sectioned off by labels written in chalk.  Really added to the charm of the restaurant! 
Wine selection with labels written in chalk (love!)
Inside of Le Parisien - never an empty table the whole time we were there!
Knickknacks, barrels, interesting wall decorations added to Le Parisien's charm
The menu offers your usual French favorites and at reasonable prices (esp for the Midtown East area):

To start, my dining compadre was feeling the French Onion Soup and the Escargot.  And I'm glad she made the decision because I totally had a hankering for both but I wasn't going to be the one to call it ha.  Score!

The Escargot came out beautifully - tender and out of the shell.  I could have used a touch more garlic in the sauce, but I still lapped up all the extra goodness with some bread. 

The French Onion Soup was delightful - not overly heavy or salty.  Nice, flavorful, full of onions and just the perfect amount of melty cheese on top.  It didn't feel like the usual buttery and heavy kind (which I love as well but know I shouldn't get) and I'm happy with this lighter version.

French Onion Soup
As for our entrees, both my friend and I ordered the mussels - I went with the Parisienne (saffron and mustard cream) and my friend ordered the Marinieres (garlic and white wine).  The quality of the mussels were excellent.  All the mussels were plump and all opened - no duds left at the bottom of my pot!  And the fries were hot and crispy.  Yum!!! 

My meal at Le Parisien did not disappoint!  Everything we ordered was a solid choice and the ambiance was just perfect for a catch-up dinner filled with great conversation and gossip.  I'll be keeping Le Parisien on my short-list for future dinner dates

Piggy says Yes!

163 East 33rd St (btwn Lex and 3rd Ave) 

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Didnot find this place interesting but if the food is good so i would say my friends to give it a try or order if takeaway services is there. I should give it a try.

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