Monday, March 4, 2013

Empellon Taqueria

I'm baaaaaaack!  Did you guys miss me?  I know I know... I've been MIA for a bit, but its been hectic the last couple weeks.  I'm excited to be back in action though!

Last week, I met up with two former coworkers for dinner at Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.  I love exploring the West Village but I always get so confused trying to find my way around! Empellon Taqueria is such a cute gem in the West Village but if you don't look closely, you could walk right past its nearly unmarked door (as I did...twice).   

Outside of Empellon Taqueria
When you walk in, you'll find a colorful and awsome looking bar area on the right.  On the left, you'll find a cozy dining area with exposed brick walls, great lighting, and well placed art/fixtures that create a fantastic atmosphere.

Awsome bar with a colorful background and fully stocked bottles

I arrived a bit early so grabbed a drink at the bar first.  There were a ton of great margarita options as well as fantastic beers on tap.  The bartender was great and let me try a couple beers before I settled on the Agave Wheat beer (after I finished a margarita of course). 

Bar menu
The food menu was very simple with a variety of tacos as the only main entree offerings.  All three of us were so excited to try the skirt steak tacos so three orders all around!  But to start, we of course couldn't go without the guacamole.  It came with the two salsas: smoked cashew and arbol salsa.  Guac was fresh and smooth and the salsas excellent (smoked cashew was so unique!), but I could have used some tomato in the guac.  I guess I like my guac a touch chunky hehe.

Guacamole with smoked cashew and arbol salsa
About 5 minutes into our guacamole, our tacos came out!  Super quick!  The tacos came with with amazingly well seasoned skirt steak and onions, topped with a mojo de ajo sauce.  While the skirt steak was super tasty, I felt that I needed some tomatoes, or chopped peppers etc to add more texture and/or bring some lightness to this meat intense taco.  We tried to order a pico de gallo, but the waitress said they didn't have any.  Crazy!!  and sad.  =(

Skirt steak tacos
And then our beet salad came out soon after the tacos.  Although a small portion, this beet salad was so incredibly fresh and a welcome change to the meaty tacos.  Couldn't get enough of the beets! 

Beet salad

I loved the look and feel of Empellon Taqueria.  The drinks were great and the steak well marinated, but the small portions and simplicity of the taco (where is my pico de gallooooo) were a bit of a disappointment.  I know, I know...authentic tacos are served just as I had here, but I can't help it I at least like the option of tomatoes?  Sigh....

Piggy says eh...

Empellon Taqueria
230 W 4th St (btwn Christopher and W 10th St)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK