Thursday, September 13, 2012


On my third try, I finally made it off the wait list and managed to have dinner at Rosemary's.  And it did not disappoint!  This new Italian hotspot in the West Village sadly does not take reservations so if you are hoping to snag a spot, come early (before 6pm) or late (after 9pm).  Otherwise, you'll be very VERY far down the waitlist (if you can even make it on to the waitlist that is).

So just what is it about this place that makes it so popular?  First thing that caught my eye was the restaurant itself.  I loved the feel of the space - rustic and relaxed.  Take a look!

Gorgeous dining room
Bar area is located in the back of the restaurant, but there are
lots of tables for you to enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for your table
Another shot of the dining room
Another reason to love Rosemary's?  Their rooftop herb and vegetable garden!  Yes they grow some of their own veggies and herbs right on the roof and you are free to go up to take a look.  Not quite Blue Hill Stone Barns but I still enjoyed the greenery in the middle of NYC.

Their rooftop garden
And a third reason to love Rosemary's?  Every bottle of wine is $40.  How can you top that!  I let Piggy KL take over the wine picking duties hehe

Piggy KL thinking about what wine to order!
Food menu
Drink menu
To start, Piggy KL and I went with the Foccacia Di Recco (oh how I love carbs...) and the Octopus Salami.  Both were excellent!!!  The foccacia was filled with stracchino cheese.  Served warm and oh so fragrant, this was utterly delicious and a must try.

The Octopus Salami was beautifully presented.  The octopus was sliced super thin and then layered into a circle.  While not a large portion, this dish was delicious and so worth it!  The octopus was so fresh and although sliced thin, it still had great octopus flavor and maintained the traditional octopus texture. 

Foccacia Di Recco
Octopus Salami
As for our entrees, we shared the Market Fish and the Orecchiette.  The Market Fish was seasoned perfectly and served over snap peas, radish tops, and tomatoes. The veggies were just a touch underdone which is excellent because then they are still crispy!  The Orecchiette, while a bit on the salty side, had awsomeeeee flavor.  The pasta was freshly made in house and served with braised greens and homemade sausage.  The flavors in this dish just made my taste buds dance. 

Market fish with snap peas, radish tops, and tomatoes
Orecchiette with braised greens and homemade sausage
 As we were eating, Piggy KL and I saw that the table next to us ordered the Acqua Pazza (seafood stew for two).  It looked so incredible - a huge plate filled with an assortment of seafood including mussels, clams, squid etc.  To the mortification of Piggy KL I couldn't resist taking a picture of their food.  I can't wait to go back and get this - any takers???

Acqua Pazza seafood stew for two
I definitely had a great experience at Rosemary's.  I enjoyed the ambiance, loved the rooftop garden, and was impressed with everything I ordered.  The service was also excellent and Piggy KL and I were not rushed as we lingered over our wine at the end of our meal.  Other than the crazy wait situation, if you have the chance to eat at Rosemary's it will be worth your while!

Piggy says Yes!

18 Greenwich Ave (btwn Charles and 10th St)

Thanks for reading - Piggy KK


  1. Loved your review of Rosemary's. I felt I was dining in absentia because of your vivid descriptions and delicious photos. M.M.

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